6 Daily Practices for Self Connection

Self connection is one of the most neglected practices in our society…

Where most women focus on a self care routine such as, bathing, yoga classes, reading, etc. the key point that’s missing is the intention to deeply connect with ourselves.

What do I mean by connecting to ourselves?

We define it with having the intention to tune into your soul… Our soul is where we hold our most authentic desires, what makes our heart fill with warmth, where we need to forgive / release and so much more.

Below you will find my top 6 daily practices for a deeper connection with self. Just with everything else, take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. These practices are ones that I (Jacquelynn Marie) do myself every day.

S0, let’s dive in…

#1: Connect to your heart through a heart coherence meditation

Heart coherence is when your brain and heart are in alignment. There has been much scientific research on the benefits of heart coherence. To learn more look into Dr. Joe Dispenza’s and The Heart Math Institute’s work.

Let’s do the Practice: Go into a quite place where you will not be disturbed. To drop in, close your eyes and focus on what sounds you hear within the room. Move to bring awareness to the smells you can smell and the temperature of the room.

Bring a person or pet to mind that you feel immense love for. Feel the warmth within your heart space. Focus on that warmth and envision it filling your whole body.

Stay with this feeling for 3-5 minutes.


#2: Self Gratitude List

We have all heard of making a list of things you are grateful for daily. And while this can have a profound shift on your life, I wanted to take it one step further and focus on creating a list around personal traits, personal accomplishments, how you handled situations, etc. that you are grateful for!

Let’s do the Practice:

Start by getting the gratitude juices flowing by bring 3 external things to mind that you are grateful for today. Focus on these three things and feel the gratitude within your heart space.

Move to thinking now of 3 things you are grateful for that you posses. These can be qualities, how you handled a situation, etc. Focus on the 3 things that first come to mind. Feel the gratitude for yourself in your heart. The key here is to be able to hold the feeling of gratitude and compassion within your heart for the things you listed.


#3: Self Forgiveness:

Similar to #2 we as humans are great at putting our focus to our external world but rarely do those same practices with out internal world in mind. This practice is something all humanity needs to do daily. There are daily occurrences that happen where we wish we did things differently. These could be moments in the 10 years ago or moments that happened 1 hour ago.

Let’s do the Practice:

Bring a situation to mind that you’d like to forgive. Allow yourself to feel the trigger of emotions for ONLY 1 minute. Allow tears to flow if they arise…

Shift by brining the situation to mind. Observe the situation without judgement. Be an observer of how the situation went down.. don’t focus on how you could have done things differently. Focus on who you were in that moment and what lessons you learned from that experience. Now think about how much growth you have had from that particular experience. (this ‘growth’ doesn’t need to be substantial . It could simply be, taking the time to realize you needed to forgive yourself for this.)

Now say out loud or repeat in your mind for 7 times: “I release my pain around this situation and I am open and willing to forgive myself.” Every time you recite this, have the intention in your heart to let go of the pain and step more and more into forgiveness.

#4: Visualize Your Future:

This practice is used by many manifestation teachers and for good reason. There is so much power in the power of imagination and visualization. Not to mention the ‘law of attraction‘ (aka manifestation) benefits. This is so powerful for self connection because you take the time to tune into what it is you envision for you life and what you truly desire. Why is this so important? Well, we can’t really get anywhere in life if we don’t have some sort of direction to where we want to go. Now can we?

Let’s do the Practice:

Visualize the desires you have for your life 3 years in the future. What does your life look like? What do you have? Who are you surrounded by? How do you feel?

Tune in deeper to what you hear, feel, see and smell. Stay with that visualization for 3 minutes.

Shift into visualizing your perfect day within that future… Focus on what you hear, feel, see and smell. What activities bring you fulfillment.

Be aware of what rises out of your soul and what rises out of your ego. Do not judge just become the silent observer.


#5: Body & Breath Movement (Intentional Movement)

Moving our bodies can be so powerful but when we take it that one step further and synch up our breath with our movements, now that can be truly healing. As you may have noticed the first 4 practices deal with our minds and emotions. Now we are moving into our physical connection. Self connection goes beyond our internal workings and extend out to our physical body and environment.

Let’s do the Practice:

Take time to do a movement practice that synchronizes the body and breath.

Examples for this would be; any type of yoga, tai chi, qui gong or your own movement practice.

If you are using this practice to release emotions I suggest looking into EmptyOut


#6: Observe Nature

Now, you might be thinking, “how does observing nature allow myself to connect deeper to my soul?” Well, if you love the outdoors like I do, you know there is a unseen wisdom to nature. After a long hike or camping when you sit down and ground down within yourself in the present moment you open yourself up to this wisdom. This wisdom will open you up to greater understanding of life, your purpose and soul. I know, I know, this sounds quite ‘woo woo’ or ‘hippie-ish’. But trust me!

Let’s do the Practice:

Find a comfortable place out in nature. This could be in your backyard or during a hike. Sit down, take off your shoes and let your senses take over. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?

If resistance comes up allow yourself to sun bathe for 5 minutes while taking deep breaths.

The idea is to quite the mind enough to become fully present and let nature in.



While there are so many other practices out there the key is to devote yourself to an intentional daily practice to connect to your soul and over time you life will drastically change!

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6 Daily Practices for Self Connection

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