cultivate clarity, confidence and credibility.

brand strategy, messaging, design psychology, marketing direction, and website development

We know you're the type of person who wants to get it right the first (or fifth) time. ;)
Whether you are just starting out or going through a rebrand, this package will allow you to step into any market with the clarity, the confidence and the credibility you deserve.

In this package we help build your brand with precision and design a strategic website that will hypnotize the right people and make you the only option in their eyes.


our branding

brand strategy, design psychology and inner work

Our process is quite different from the rest. 

We don't believe your branding should be made for solely you or solely your customers. We believe it should be an infusion of both. 

Our process takes you through in-depth workbooks and consulting to give you clarity around your messaging, direction, legacy, positioning, ideal community, marketing, brand experience, visual identity and so much more.

We believe branding is the foundation that your business sits upon and is the essence (or soul) of your business. 

After we work with you to clarify your brand strategy we dive into visual identity. Which we approach from a psychological level. 

This method is what we called "design psychology" and specializes in provoking an emotional response in people when they come across your brand. The reason why this is so important is because it allows them to resonate deeply with your brand and draws in to learn more.  

This method is a science into what colors, fonts, shapes, textures, icons, etc. you will be using to draw in your dream clients. The result provides you with an effective brand that draws in the right clients and one that is unique to you.

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week by week

in this package we will be spending 10 weeks together to build your brand + launch your website

week 1

exploration + strategy

In this first week we focus on your businesses soul discovery through "The Energy Centers of Business™". You will work though a 7 part workbook that will ask you deeper questions to the inner workings of your brand and business.

Here is where we jump into the design studio to first design the 'art direction' for your brand. Once that is approved  we will get to designing a custom color palette, visual identity (logo) and brand elements that is perfect for you and your dream clients.

week 4

brand blueprint guidebook

This week we will shift into creating your Brand Guideline Booklet. This is a 19 page PDF booklet that is to be used as a resource guide for your brand. This booklet is fantastic for new hires and team members so they can fully understand your brand and what your business is all about..

week 2 & 3

psychology based visual design

week 5

website communication

This week is centered around your website content. We want to make this as easy as possible so we provide you with proven and professional templates to help you write your copy. 

week 6, 7 & 8

website build out + fine tuning

Week 6 & 7 we will build out your website. Depending on what platform you desire to build on. We are able to design websites on all platforms. Though, we recommend Showit and Wordpress.
Week 8 we dedicate to revisions and fine tunement when it comes to your website.

week 10

delivery & training

Once the final adjustments are made we will launch your new brand and website! You will also receive a personalized training video.

week 9

aligned marketing direction + embodiment

This week we will discuss marketing for your business that is alignment with your brand. We will clear up and coach you through any limiting beliefs you are having when it comes to launching your new brand. We want to leave you feeling empowered and ready to live your brand through and through.

the details

what you will get

here is a detailed list of everything you will get within the 10 weeks of working together

- Energy Centers Workbook
- Weekly 60 minute Intensive calls 
- Intentional Community Discovery (Ideal Client)
- Aligined Communication (Brand Messaging)
- Brand Personality

- 3 Logos
- Brand Mood Board
- Strategic Typography Selection
- Brand Color Palette (hex, rgb, & cmyk codes)

this project starts at $6999 USD 

strategic goodies

visual branding goodies

website design goodies

- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Values
- Brand Action Steps
- Brand Photography Guidelines
- Network + Marketing Ideas
- Content Planning 
- Brand Art Direction

- Brand Style Board
- Facebook Cover Design (2 designs)
- Brand Guideline Booklet
- All design elements are equipped with unlimited revisions

- Custom WordPress or Showit Website Design + Set up
- 7 Web Pages + Unlimited Blog Posts
-Responsive Design 
- Website copy coaching and revisions

- Email Opt-in Design + Set Up
- Custom “Coming Soon” Page
- Website BackUp Plug-in Set up
- Pre-Built Page Templates
- 30 Days of Technical Support
- Website Training Video

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split into 4 payments
additional payment plans available

"When you decide to work with Jacquelynn you will learn a TON, your ideas will be refined, and you will end up with a gorgeous brand at the end! I was impressed with Jacquelynn's organization, her vibe, her patience. I really enjoyed her workbooks to make my ideas and vision more clear."

Marie A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"I was nervous starting this process again as I had been through it twice before with results ranging from Meh! to awful. I was nervous about spending another several thousand dollars without the outcome I was hoping for. I loved the fact that there was an existing methodology/system in place. Jacquelynn has a proven process that made me think deeply about my business. Her process walks you through branding in a really organized way that is tied to the heart of your business and the clients you serve."

Monica C.

brand strategy, design & development, web design, course creation & design

"Jacquelynn's highly creative sensibilities enabled her to translate my vision for my brand into reality precisely as I had imagined it. You'd be hard pressed to find someone better to work with. Jacquelynn is the full package."

Jacquline M.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"There are so many people out there who do this work and its hard to choose someone. When we had our intro call I could feel her authentic and honest energy. She's very professional and organized. She made the project enjoyable! I'm so happy with the finished product and its exactly what I hoped for as the digital representation of my brand! I highly recommend Jacquelynn Marie!

Olga A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"Jacquelynn was so great to work with! She grasped my vision for our start-up company and worked with me to brand and illustrate it beautifully. She's timely, organized, and very personable to work with! I highly recommend."

Erica A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"I loved working with Jacquelynn. She's creative, detailed, and I can't wait to work with her again!"

Sydney R.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

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real people,

real reasults

vip option

upgrade the way you do business

Our VIP option is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to have it all. 

How does it differ from 'non vip option'?
You will still go through our 10 week process together. However, we will take care of all of the 'actionable' and 'strategic' steps we discover in our 10 weeks together and create an implementation plan that we carry out for you. 

That means less stress on your end and more freedom for you to focus on what you love to do in your business.

less stress on your end and more freedom for you to focus on what you love to do in your business.

What this looks like for some VIP clients:
- Sales funnels
- Online course platform set up and design
- Email marketing set up
 -Launch sequences
- CRM set up
- On boarding / off boarding clients

pricing for this option is custom to your business needs. schedule a free consultation to get a quote

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