If you are in a body, You have work here to do.

We are here to share our gifs.

We are here to show up and impact people’s lives. This doesn’t mean you have to be a coach or consultant… it means you, living in your true authenticity inspires others. It shows others what is possible for them. You putting yourself, your passions, your emotional, spiritual, and physical health first, helps more than just you. You become a leading light. One that others become inspired to do the same.

We all have our authentic gifts, the things we are naturally good at.

These are the things that truly guide us on our journey and give us clues to what we are meant here to do. We all have gifts to share, ones that influence and help others heal, expand, and grow on this journey.

But ask yourself:

  • where are you hiding?
  • Are you hiding behind fear, shame, or doubt?

As we hide behind these emotions, we aren’t doing anyone a favor… and we are certainly poisoning ourselves and eventually those around us. Do you see ? When you hide from yourself and your gifts, you slowly poison your wellbeing. And eventually, you take it out on those you love the most. Instead of raising people up… you end up pulling people down. So again, where are you hiding?

Where can you live more in alignment with who it is you are truly inspired to be?

And if you don’t know… ask yourself, “If I lived in a world where I had all of the money and support I could ask for.. what would my day look like?” And then ask, “What else would I do? Then what else?” and repeat this until your mind is empty. And from there you will find some clarity on what it is you are feeling called to do.

Here is a secret, we all, at the core, want to help others, impact others, be a shining light to others, put smiles on others’ faces… How are you going to do that today?

True story:

When I was younger and was asked, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” my answer was always, “I want to help people be happy.” I would always daydream of me helping one person. Seeing them change their lives, become happier and take a massive shift. It would bring tears to my teenager’s eyes. I have always seen suffering in this world and always had a desire to help guide people through it. I could not tell you why I had this drive from such a young age… but it was something that I have desired so much that it had bled into all of my career paths in my life.

Through my 27 years on this planet, I have hidden from myself in many many ways. I have struggled with worth, inadequacy, and owning my gifts. It has become a daily practice to step out of hiding behind fear and know my message is here to impact and influence others. I must embody this so I can help others do the same.

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If you are in a body, You have work here to do.

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 The woman who decided mundane was no longer good enough and created her dream life. My mission? To help you evolve and grow into the woman and business owner you desire to be.

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