Introducing The Energy Centers of Business®

Before I fully introduce this system to you let me give you a little back story on how this system came about…

Over the last 6 years of being in the online marketing, branding, and design world I have consumed SOOOOO much information about this industry.

I’ve watched leading ‘platforms’ launch and blossom. I’ve learned every ‘leading’ marketing strategy. I’ve seen the rise and fall of many trends and have worked first hand with entrepreneurs who are succeeded while others fell flat.

Then my world came crashing down when I realized all of these strategies and systems weren’t working for everybody. I was curious as to why these worked for some and not for others. But I couldn’t concern myself with these big questions…

So, I switched my focus 4 years ago to dive deep into the world of spirituality, the law of attraction, and spiritual development.

My life, personality, and soul evolved! I saw through the lens of spirit and how this life can really be magical.

Barriers were broken, rules didn’t need to be followed, and yet success was knocking at the door.

This is when I saw the answer to my ‘big question’…

The spiritual component was what was missing from marketing and strategies.

I started to see this through the lens of masculine + feminine energies. Balance has been at the root of many religious traditions and it even bleeds into our businesses.

This balance between feminine and masculine within our businesses is the new paradigm of business.

The realizations of this birthed “The Energy Centers of Business”. These energy centers are to bring you and your business back into balance.

These 7 centers have three points within them. The Essence, Aligned Strategy and The Energetics. Each point guides you to understand and balance the inner workings of your business. Resulting in a business that flows, scales on a quantum level, and allows you to thrive by doing business your way.


The Energy Centers of Business are here to help entrepreneurs run intentional businesses that are fueled by spirit and ran by an inspired action/strategy that result in consistent evolution for you and your business.

The key is to have all energy centers balanced and cleared from any limiting beliefs and low frequencies.

Each center is broken down into three pillars…

1) The Essence

2) Inspired Strategy

3) The Energetics

Let’s dive into each center and what it governs

#1 The Foundational Energy Center

The Foundational Center is in charge of all the basic things your business needs to operate. Sounds pretty simple right?! Well, most people overlook the simple foundations when it comes to their businesses.

This Center is all about getting clear in your “why”, your “story”, what it is you do, your offers, main operating systems, how you get paid, your contracts, etc. It also governs your money beliefs and your relationship with masculine energies.

#2 The Experiential Energy Center

The Experiential Center is in charge of what truly sells within your business. This center governs the feelings, experience, and emotions your brand cultivates in your life and the lives of your potential clients.

This Center is all about getting clarity around your legacy, your brand experience, how you wish to be seen, what you wish to be known for, your client experience, etc. It also governs your relationship with feminine energies, conditioning around being seen, and your emotional intelligence.

#3 The Authenticity Energy Center

The Authenticity Center is in charge of what magnetizes people to your business, which is the embodiment of your truest authenticity.

This Center is all about getting clarity around your special magic, what makes you different, your positioning in the market, the visual identity of your brand, how you will be seen (marketing strategies), etc. It also governs your belief in self, self-confidence, and blocks around worthiness.

#4 The Communal Energy Center

The Communal Center is in charge of how you relate to your people. Pretty self-explanatory right?!

This Center is all about getting clarity around your community, how you interact with your people, customer service experience, customer relationships, community building exercises, team environment, etc. It also governs your self-love, “sisterhood” wound, and worthiness of love and recognition.

#5 The Conversational Energy Center

The Conversational Center is in charge of how you communicate with your audience.

This Center is all about getting clarity around your messaging, how you talk about what it is you do, storytelling, your brand voice, your brand personality, content planning, website strategy, etc. It also governs your relationship with self-expression and speaking your truth.

#6 The Visionary Energy Center

The Visionary Center is in charge of your bigger impact and vision. And how your business embodies this

This Center is all about getting clarity around your bigger vision, your direction, your creativity, problem-solving, your brand values, business goal setting, etc. It also governs any blocks regarding clarity.

#7 The Universal Energy Center

The Universal Center is in charge of your relationship to something greater and how your business operates with that.

This Center is all about getting clarity around your collective impact, your divine purpose, and your openness to guidance from spirit. It also governs your connection to your intuition, faith, and inner wisdom practices.


Stay tuned for more information on these centers!

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Introducing The Energy Centers of Business®

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