Know your numbers, they said… It turns out numbers are NOT scary.

Every successful entrepreneur seemed to be saying the same thing…

“Know your numbers”

I didn’t really understand what that meant at first. I thought passively “okay, yeah, know how much you’re making. How many people you have in your programs, email lists, etc.”

Here is what changed for me entirely.

I was listening to a Facebook Live from my favorite mulit-millionaire, Amanda Frances. She was talking about hitting her end of the year goals when it looked like it wasn’t possible.

I started to think about how I never had yearly goals. I have been manifesting 10k months, 5k months, etc. But never have set a yearly income goal, nor ever had a plan to hit it!

I kind of felt like a lousy business owner. Because apparently this is something you should be doing. Well, I certainly didn’t.

So, I decided to sit down with my pad and paper.

I asked myself in all clarity, “How much money would I like to earn in 2020?” I put things down like

  • 100k would be exciting, it would push myself and be fun.
  • 50k would be playing it safe.
  • 80k would be a fun little middle ground.
  • If I wanted to hit my 10k/month goal every month I would be hitting 120k.

Seeing these numbers seemed daunting. It seemed overwhelming and a little frightening.

I started to have thoughts like,

“Could I really by making this much money?”
“I see other successful women doing it. So why can’t I?”

Then came the realization that it is 100% possible. The fear and doubt instantly flew away.

After playing around with what I wanted my goal to be. I started to make a plan on how many programs, pieces of content I needed to sale to hit these goals.
Here is what I wrote down:
If I have,
– 10 people sign up for a $200 program in one year = $2k
– 20 people sign up for a $400 program in one year = $8k
– 35 people sign up for a $39 program in one year = $1.3k
– 10 people sign up for a website template at $777 in one year = $7.7k
– 10 people sign up for my one-on-one program at $5k in one year = $50k
-10 people sign up for custom web design at $2.5k in one year = $25k
– Run a sold-out group program for 6 months at $787 per person in a year = $37.8k
All totaling a 131,800 year helping 143 women gain clarity!

When I looked at this and broke it down to only focusing on 10 women needing to sign up for a program. It brought me so much relief. It had me realize all of this is possible. And made me see that this is going to be fun and easy.

Did I stumble upon a secret of successful business owners?

Breaking things down to understand and see that hitting these “perceived” big numbers are really not scary!

We will see what kind of momentum I will create in 2020 and where I will end up! Stay tuned for next years post and I will let you know!

I encourage you to do the same! If you are starting in business or are wanting to grow!

Follow these steps:

  • Write down your yearly or quarterly income goal.
  • Write down a plan on how many people you want to sign up for each program you launch. ( I tend to put down my minimum number of people I want to sign up )
  • Total the amount of money you will get from those people signing up for those programs.
  • Add up the total amount of money from each program you will launch.

You will start to see how realistic your once “far off” goal once seemed!

Now, are you not sure what you’re wanting to launch this next year? No, worries. Just write down how many programs you will feel comfortable launching and for the price you would want to launch something at.

A fun little exercise…

Look at the successful service-based entrepreneurs you follow.

If you’re anything like me. You follow a few people religiously. Those women who just totally resonate with you.

Look at their programs. What is the rough amount of money they are launching things at? I know the 2 multi-millionaires I follow launch things from 1500k – 2500k. Now, if you were to do the same exercise with them as you did with your business you would see how easily they are making their millions.

Instead of reaching 10 people at a $1000 offer. They are reaching 300 people at a $1000 offer.

I hope this brought you some clarity and helped you feel optimistic and hopeful about your financial goals like it did for me!





Know your numbers, they said… It turns out numbers are NOT scary.

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