The lessons I learned in 2019

I had been pushing off my “year in review” for a few weeks now.

I saw fellow entrepreneurs writing about their previous year and felt like it was a fad or some sort of “hype” thing to do.

But tonight, on Winter’s Solstice. After meditation, I had a prompt to open my laptop and write.

So, here I am. Writing to you about my 2019 year.

2019 was a lot of things.

Clarity, healing, new love, the biggest year in my business, and so much more.

At the beginning of the year, I intuitively knew what this year was going to be for me.

It started off with reprogramming and leaning more into a space of ease and manifestation. My year felt like it has revolved around manifesting and centering into reprogramming my mind to really allow this to happen. I fooled around with “calling in the money and man” through manifesting at the end of 2018. And both came quite quickly. But I knew that were was more to be said and done around this.

So, I dedicated the beginning of the year really diving in deep. Deep into my thoughts and beliefs around life, emotions, etc.

This was the most expansive thing I did for myself in 2019. I sat down, with my journal, after mediation, and wrote down uncensored how I was feeling. Where those feelings came from, then reframed them and shifted them. I believe this was why I had the biggest year of my business. I wasn’t afraid to look at my raw self in the mirror.

Moving further down the list of the blessings I had experienced in 2019.

I got engaged to a man I deeply love. I traveled to many different places with this man. I faced some cold hard truths about myself and how I show up with this man. I learned how to communicate and hold space with this man.
Let me tell you… the whole relationship thing ain’t easy. Especially if you are an independent woman thriving alone. You think you have everything figured out and then BAM! You fall in love and get shown how much stuff you truly still need to work on. LOL!

Oh and let’s not forget about my business. I finally got out of my own way. I stepped into my own power and proceeded to create and structure the business I had dreamt of from the beginning. I took on half the client in 2019 than I did in 2018 and made more this year than I did last. It was overall a pretty fantastic year for my business.

Overall, throughout this whole year, I have experienced growth, expansion, energetic alignment, deeper love, and ease. I have finally felt safe within my body, felt that life and business were easy, experienced every moment as a pleasure, lost friends, gained friends, experienced play, set some hard boundaries, focused on ME, and tapped into the woman I knew I truly was all along.

There are so many things I learned and experienced in 2019. Too many to list. I hope you take a look back at your year and take credit for all of the hard times you went through and looked at the times that everything worked out perfectly.
Cheers for this new decade!



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The lessons I learned in 2019

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