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speak to the heart of your people and launch with ease.

launch your online program strategically with clarity, confidence and credibility 

We tend to look at how powerful branding for businesses can be and tend to over look branding for our online programs. 
Branding for your online courses results in more sells, impact and less time on launches. 
We use a combination of strategy and design psychology to make your program the only right option for your people.


week by week

in this package we will be spending 3 weeks together to brand your online program

week 1

exploration + strategy

In this first week we focus on your program's soul discovery through our unique branding process. You will work though a 7 part workbook that will ask you deeper questions to the inner workings of your program.

week 2

intentional community + aligned communication

This week will be devoted your brand messaging and ideal client discovery. This week there will be 2 intensive calls where we meet to dive deep into the psychology of your community, what attracts them, and how they buy. We will also dive in deep into your brand messaging by gaining clarity around how it is your speak to your community and guidelines to the type of content you will post.

the details

what you will get

here is a detailed list of everything you will get within the 3 weeks of working together

- Brand Foundations Workbook
- Weekly 60 minute Intensive calls 
- Intentional Community Discovery (Ideal Client)
- Aligined Communication (Brand Messaging)
- Brand Personality

- 3 Logos
- Brand Mood Board
- Strategic Typography Selection
- Brand Color Palette (hex, rgb, & cmyk codes)

this project starts at $699 USD.  payment plans are available

strategic goodies 

visual branding goodies

online program set up - VIP OPTION

- Brand Voice
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Values
- Brand Action Steps
- Brand Photography Guidelines
- Network + Marketing Ideas
- Content Planning 
- Brand Art Direction

- Brand Style Board
- Facebook Cover Design (2 designs)
- All design elements are equipped with unlimited revisions

- Set up of online course platform
- Design of user interface of program
- Email sequence set up throughout program 
- Payment processer set up

- 30 days of technical support
- FB group set up

** this is a VIP option add on. It is not included in the estimated price below.


our branding

brand strategy, design psychology and strategy

Our process is quite different from the rest. 

We don't believe your branding should be made for solely you or solely your customers. We believe it should be an infusion of both. 

Our process will take your through an in-depth workbooks and consulting to give you clarity around the messaging, direction, legacy, positioning, ideal people, marketing, experience, and visual identity for your program.

We believe branding for your programs will scale your sells, magnetize your dream clients and have you launch with ease.

After we work with you to clarify your brand strategy for your program, we dive into visual identity. Which we approach from a psychological level. 

This method is what we call "design psychology" and it specializes in provoking an emotional response in people when they come across your program. The reason why this is so important is because it allows them to resonate deeply with your program and draws in to learn more.  

This method is a science into what colors, fonts, shapes, textures, icons, etc. you will be using to draw in your dream clients. The result provides you with an effective brand that draws in the right clients and one that is unique to you.

week 3

psychology based visual design

Here is where we jump into the design studio to first design the 'art direction' for your program. Once that is approved  we will get to designing a custom color palette, visual identity (logo) and brand elements that is perfect for you and your dream clients.

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"When you decide to work with Jacquelynn you will learn a TON, your ideas will be refined, and you will end up with a gorgeous brand at the end! I was impressed with Jacquelynn's organization, her vibe, her patience. I really enjoyed her workbooks to make my ideas and vision more clear."

Marie A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"I was nervous starting this process again as I had been through it twice before with results ranging from Meh! to awful. I was nervous about spending another several thousand dollars without the outcome I was hoping for. I loved the fact that there was an existing methodology/system in place. Jacquelynn has a proven process that made me think deeply about my business. Her process walks you through branding in a really organized way that is tied to the heart of your business and the clients you serve."

Monica C.

brand strategy, design & development, web design, course creation & design

"Jacquelynn's highly creative sensibilities enabled her to translate my vision for my brand into reality precisely as I had imagined it. You'd be hard pressed to find someone better to work with. Jacquelynn is the full package."

Jacquline M.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"There are so many people out there who do this work and its hard to choose someone. When we had our intro call I could feel her authentic and honest energy. She's very professional and organized. She made the project enjoyable! I'm so happy with the finished product and its exactly what I hoped for as the digital representation of my brand! I highly recommend Jacquelynn Marie!

Olga A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"Jacquelynn was so great to work with! She grasped my vision for our start-up company and worked with me to brand and illustrate it beautifully. She's timely, organized, and very personable to work with! I highly recommend."

Erica A.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

"I loved working with Jacquelynn. She's creative, detailed, and I can't wait to work with her again!"

Sydney R.

brand strategy, design & development, & web design

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