Top questions to ask yourself before building an online course

So, you’re thinking of launching an online course!?

Welcome to the party babe!

Launching online workshops/courses are one of my favorite things! I thrive in being creative and creating quality content to help you excel!

Let’s get to it!

A quick note on navigating this post.

When you read through the descriptions of each question you will notice a “write it out” this is a prompt to grab your journal and put pen to paper! Expand on the questions I ask and allow the answers to unfold.

Here are my top questions I ask myself when creating an online course!

  1. What is my offer? What am I creating?
    Yes. This might seem like a “DUH! I wouldn’t be reading this if I didn’t know what I was offering.” Well, let me expand a moment on this question. What are you really offering? You aren’t just offering a step by step way to overcome “blank”. You are offering more than that.
    Write it out:
    Let’s make sure it is aligned first.
    – If fear and doubt didn’t exist in your mind what would you be talking about?
    – If you had all of the money, followers, friends, and love in the world. What would you be doing? Honestly, what would you be doing with your time?
    – What is the topic you love to talk to your girlfriends about right now? What are you just over-excited to talk about?

    Now, without judgment, review the way you answered the questions above. Is the offer you originally wanted to create a course about the one that you feel is most aligned? You can never fail if you are in alignment with your soul (see blog post on this)
    Now, answer these questions below.
    – What are your people going to FEEL when they are reading the sales copy?
    – How are they going to FEEL when they are working through the program?
    – AND ultimately what shifts are they going to experience after they do the work?
  2. Who am I creating this for? Who would be my dream student for this course?
    Now, you have probably done the work on uncovering who your ideal student is for your business. But this is going to be more refined for this course you are launching. The beauty of launching online courses is you are able to focus on one topic. And this one topic is great to attract the RIGHT person.
    Write it out:
    – How is the “dream student” feeling with this topic (your course idea) in their life? Are they feeling hopeful? lost? alone? doubtful?
    – What is the current reality of this topic in my dream students’ life?
    – What do they wish would be different about this topic?
    – How would coming out on the other side impact their wellbeing, family, community, emotional health?
    – How do they currently deal with this topic in their day to day lives? How are they coping or trying to overcome this?
  3. How do you want to layout your course? What type of content are you wanting in it?
    This is a fully loaded question. There are so many ways to launch courses and so many ways to deliver information. Write it out:
    – Are you wanting to record videos, audio, create PDF worksheets, create quizzes, readable content, etc.
    – Are you wanting to do a live Q&A call every week for your students?
    – Are you wanting your course to be recorded live? Or pre-record it?
    – How many modules will there be?
    – How many lessons will be within each module?
  4. What is my marketing plan around this course?
    This a big one! Everyone can build an online course but how are you going to tell the humans about your program? Don’t get scared of the word “marketing” or “sales”. Look at it this way. Selling and marketing is really just a way to tell the people about your program. There is nothing sleazy there. It’s just as simple as that. So, how are you going to tell the humans about your program?
    Write it out:
    – Are you going to do a webinar, FB Livestream, free training, etc. to give some free bits of information to tell the humans why they need this program?
    – Are you going to do a series of emails leading up to the launch of this program?
    – Is social media going to play a large role in telling the humans? I suggest sticking to 2 platforms that you focus on.
    – Will you be reaching out to old leads about how this program is going to suit them?
    – Will you be using any sort of Ads?
    – Will you create a series of podcasts or reach out to podcasts to be featured on?
    – Write out all of the ideas you have to really bring VALUE to people. Your free offers (FB lives, ebooks, etc) that eventually lead to an up-sell of your program should give your people value first. It should showcase why this person really could use what you are offering.
  5. Where will you be hosting your course?
    There are so many platforms out there! SO many options to host your online course. Let me just run through the popular ones.
    Kajabi : My all-time favorite. I was so unsure about signing up for Kajabi because of the price point. But for what I needed it was exactly the right decision for me. It allows you to have an email marketing platform, memberships, online products, courses, website and sales page hosting. This was a no brainer for me! Its intuitive interface makes it easy to create campaigns, email your students, keep track of their progress, create sales pages and host all of your products and courses in one place! I decided to go with Kajabi because they had everything I needed to grow into. I also knew if I was paying at a higher price point I would be motivated to continuously create and sell content.
    To view their pricing Click HERE
    To view their website click HERE
    Thinkific & Teachable: These are the most popular options due to the price point. It is budget-friendly and easy to use. Things you need to be aware of when using these platforms are the conditions of when you get paid. In the cheaper plans, they tend to hold onto your money up to 30days. These platforms are still a great option. They are limited in their design capabilities when it comes to the courses and the sales pages. However, you are able to customize the colors and add a few background images but that is just about it! Being a designer, this is why I couldn’t be on board with these platforms. However, they do the trick. They allow for signups and host your courses.
    Learn More about Thinkific Click HERE
    Learn More about Teachable Click HERE
    Podia: This platform is the closest to Kajabi as I could find! It is fun and easy to navigate. Not to mention, it is easier on the budget. It allows you to host your courses, memberships, email marketing, and digital products. I originally didn’t sign up with them because at the time they weren’t offering digital products. But now that they are, I would say they are the leading competitor to Kajabi!
    Learn More about Podia Click HERE
    – Facebook Groups: 
    Did you know that there is a way to host your online course in Facebook groups?! Crazy right?! But it is OH so helpful! AND FREE!! Yes! It is free to do so! You will be able to do this through setting “units” to your content in the group! This allows you to hold a community type atmosphere and course in one place! It makes things a little bit complicated if you’re wanting to collect payments. You will have to set up your sales pages and payment processors separately for this route. But a little less of streamlining can be helpful to launch your course for free!
    Learn more about FB groups hosting online courses HERE

There are so many other questions to ask when it comes to planning your online course. There is a lot of planning and organizing that goes into creating an impactful and fun online course. One that your students will rave about!

We have launched our Course Creation Workshop to help YOU organize and figure out how you want to create and run your online course. There are SO many options out there and our workshop educates you on all of these options and help you plan your course from an idea into physical (well, digital) form.! Learn more about our workshop HERE





Top questions to ask yourself before building an online course

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