What’s holding you back from the success others have

We all have those women we look up to,
the ones that are killing it in their business, relationships and health.
I’m sure you can think of one or two women that just inspire you every time you see their posts.
Maybe you desire and dream of working with them one day.
And sometimes your admiration turns into a low level of obsession.
Eventually it feels as if they have something you don’t. That they’ve “figured it out”.
So you must figure out what they did to get to the level they’re at. You sign up for their programs and feel inspired. You learn from them and apply. But still no real results.
What’s going on here….?
What’s really holding you back isn’t the “how” it’s the core belief you formed through admiration borderline obsession that made you feel separate from them. The overall belief that you are different from them.
Sometimes this belief is so subtle. We have the best intentions when we follow powerful women we look up to. We use them as inspiration for what’s possible for us.
But let’s get radically honest with ourselves right now… Do we really believe we can have what they have created? That amount of abundance? That level of admiration from thousands of people? Is there any doubt or resistance that arises??
The truth is…there usually is. And with this resistance we limit ourselves in thinking they’re ‘special’. She is showing me it’s possible but maybe not for me.
That’s the truth that we don’t like to admit to ourselves sometimes.
But let’s reframe this shall we…?
Those women are NOT special. They aren’t different from you. They all poop, sweat, swear, have insecurities and doubts.
The only difference is what they’re willing to do and become… Where most quit. They don’t.
For a simple example,
The other night during my intense workout. I reached a point where I wanted to quit. Where I wanted to call it good. I worked hard enough and pushed myself hard enough.
But then a thought came into my mind…
Would those women I look up to when it comes to physique and health call it quits? Or would they push through..
And the answer was they would 100% push through and conquer.
The same scenario goes with the women we look up to in business. The difference between you and them is simple… The mindset and core beliefs in which they hold.
The determination, not willing to call it quits, the resourcefulness they have and the belief that they deserve it all.
It’s easier said than done. We can say we believe we deserve what they have but do we feel it, do we embody it, do we live in that reality?
Because they do… Imagine what would happen if you shifted your beliefs around your worth, what you’re willing to do, how you’re willing to show up, and embody that?
Your life would 100% soon look like theirs…
This post is a reminder that those that you look up to are doing things you won’t, not quitting when you want to, learning, growing, believing they are worth it all, and their mindset is different.
It doesn’t mean they’re different from you or that they’re special… they’re level of belief and embodiment is what sets them apart.
Start with your mindset, energy and core beliefs… shift those and embody who you truly are at your core. And watch the magic unfold.

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What’s holding you back from the success others have

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